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"Student Affairs Today provides me with a quick and easy synopsis of the issues, the trends occurring across the country, and the best practices happening in our field. I find it invaluable."
—Douglas R. Pearson, vice president and dean of students, Mercer University

Student Affairs Today is packed with advice on how to offer innovative services, fund your programs, and meet your legal requirements, in these features:

  • How Courts and Administrative Agencies are Ruling on student-affairs issues, with plain-English summaries of lawsuits and hard-to-get OCR and FPCO rulings so you can be sure your policies and procedures don’t get you in legal hot water.
  • Cover Stories that delve into tough problems, such as how to conduct meaningful outcomes assessment, find the most effective discipline methods when students violate the campus conduct code, and how to support students with psychological disabilities while ensuring they are not a danger to themselves or others.
  • Leaders and Innovators from institutions of all sizes and types. These profiles of student affairs leaders reveal their leadership philosophy, the challenges they face, and the solutions they found—so you can benefit from others’ successes.
  • Policies & Procedures details other institutions’ approaches to handling specific challenges, such as a mental health response protocol and fire safety policy—so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Generating Opportunities highlights ideas your unit can use to make or save money and resources, such as how to collect and track data to gain the resources you need and how to write successful grants.
  • Managing Your Office provides guidance to sharpen your management skills and tackle common personnel issues, such as developing orientation for new hires, leading productive meetings, and strengthening relationships among campus units.

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Cope with the rising number of students with psychiatric disabilities
  2. Use new technologies to connect with students
  3. Teach students how to use the Internet responsibly
  4. Keep hate speech off campus while preserving students' First Amendment rights
  5. Prevent sexual assaults and support victims when attacks occur

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  • Meet the Editor

    Claudine McCarthy

    Claudine brings two decades of extensive and varied experience in journalism and publishing to Student Affairs Today. An award-winning editor, Claudine keeps up with the ever-changing world of student affairs by staying in close contact with experts on various hot topics and by attending professional conferences
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